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Your homework guide to understanding better the Maltese language homework for parents and children.


Syllabus Explained

Familiarise yourself with what the children are learning in class throughout the year


Quick Guides

Alphabet, numbers and other core language elements


Bilingual Dictionary and more...

Besides a standard dictionary, you can find a thesaurus and translator

No More 'I Don't Get It' Moments!

From a handy translator to a complete breakdown of the school syllabus, Pocket Tutor will help you understand what the children are learning in the classroom.


Inspired by the Love of Languages and Cultural Diversity

Pocket Tutor is not yet another language learning app. This is a tool to help non-Maltese speaking parents and guardians help their children by explaining the constructs of the Maltese language.

The Library

Learn how to read in Maltese with Pocket Tutor. Discover new stories and listen and read your favourites.


Pito u Pita

Age: 5-7 years

Pito and Pita are two joyful robins who love flying and playing together.


Betta Trombetta

Age: 9-12 years

Betta is a funny yet cheeky girl whose antics are well-meaning but can get her into trouble.


Lupu Lupettu

Age: 6-10 years

Meet Lupu Lupettu and his many adventures.

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